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日本一の高層ビルで初日の出 大阪 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


In Osaka · Abeno Ward, a lot of families and couples enjoy the first sunrise on the rooftop of the highest building in Japan "Abe Harukasu" in Japan's first skyscraper at the first sunrise Osaka It was.

The skyscraper "Abeno Harukasu" in Osaka / Abeno Ward is known as the tallest building in Japan with a height of 300 meters.

On the first day, about 500 people including families and couples gathered from all over the country waited for the first sunrise on the rooftop heliport and the observatory from the 58th floor to the 60th floor at the top of the building.

Clouds were hanging along the mountains in the east direction at 7 am of the time of sunrise, and we could not see the sun, but after a while light began to shine through the gaps of the clouds . To the dazzling light of the New Year 's sun, people gathered cheers and took pictures.

A couple in Nara prefecture staring closely at sunrise, suggesting that men proposed at this place, the woman who accepted, "I am surprised, but it seems to be a day that can not be forgotten" and smiles I was talking.

Also, parents and children of local and Osaka said, "I am glad to see the beautiful sun, I want to make it a bright year for three family members."

日本一の高層ビルで初日の出 大阪 | NHKニュース

日本一の高層ビルで初日の出 大阪 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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