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商売繁盛を願う十日戎 華やかなかご行列 大阪 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


In the Osaka Imamiya Eshin Shrine 's Imamiya Eshin Shrine' s Imamiya Shrine Shrine, "Ebisu (Ebisu)" wishing for the prosperous business of the year, geisha san is gorgeous An annual 'Bonfire Matrix' (Baby Gymnastics) 'walking by riding in a basket was done.

The treasure and worship queue of Imamiya Etsushi Shrine in Osaka · Naniwa-ku is a shrine in Osaka · Minami's hometown and Geiko in Edo period according to "ten days" in a gorgeous basket It is supposed to have begun to worship.

In the row of the priests, along with Geiko, participated by Kabuki actor Nakamura Iitaro and an NHK TV actress actress Yoshiyuki Hotta who plays the sister of the heroine.

The party rides on a red-white basket and walks around the city of Minami according to the cheek of "Hakako, baby cage", and many people who visited waved their hands from the roadside to call out voices and photographs I was taking photos.

A woman in her 70s visiting Osaka City said, "Geiko and her basket are beautiful and I look forward to it every year, I hope that the year will be a good year." It was.

Imamiya Eshin Shrine 's "Ten Day" is held for three days until November, and about 1 million visitors are expected.

商売繁盛を願う十日戎 華やかなかご行列 大阪 | NHKニュース

商売繁盛を願う十日戎 華やかなかご行列 大阪 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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