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イオン プライベートブランド100品目を追加で値下げへ | NHKニュースを英語にすると


"Aeon," which develops supermarkets and others, will offer 100 items of private brand foods and daily necessities developed by the company on average about 10 We announced that we will cut price%. We want to capture consumers who are conscious of saving by adding items to be cut down last year.

According to the announcement, Aeon will price down 100 items, including private brand food and daily necessities developed by the company, and we will carry out price cuts from 17th this month.

Specifically, boughing a bread from 127 yen to 116 yen, reducing the price of dishwashing detergent containing 250 milliliters to 105 yen from tax included, the average price reduction will be about 10% .

This company cut prices for private brands twice last year, but as sales of target products increased substantially, add items that price cut as consumer savings persistent That is to say.

In major supermarkets, "Seiyu" also regularly continues to cut prices for goods since August last year.

While price increases are rising by food manufacturers due to rising raw material prices and logistics costs, while in the supermarket industry there is a movement to cut prices down in order to prevent customer departure.

イオン プライベートブランド100品目を追加で値下げへ | NHKニュース

イオン プライベートブランド100品目を追加で値下げへ | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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