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東京五輪に向けパラ競技専用の体育館 5月に完成 東京 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


To improve the competitiveness of sports for the disabled toward the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, in Tokyo Shinagawa Ward for Parasport only The gymnasium will be in place.

The gymnasium exclusively for parasport will be maintained in the Shinkawa sub-central district of the Shinagawa Ward by the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center.

Reinforcing bar One floor of the ground, the floor area is approximately 3000 square meters, the main floor is the area of ​​two basketball courts, it is designed for barrier-free accommodation such as a floor plan that is easy to move with a wheelchair and a large private room toilet I will.

There are only two gymnasiums for people with disabilities in Tokyo, and other facilities do not have access to barrier-free facilities or use in wheelchairs because they hurt the floor There are also cases where it is declined, securing a practice place is an issue.

This gymnasium is scheduled to be completed in May this year, and players aiming to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games and groups promoting the spread of para sports can be used for free.

東京五輪に向けパラ競技専用の体育館 5月に完成 東京 | NHKニュース
2020年の東京パラリンピックに向けて、障害者スポーツの競技力を高めようと、東京 品川区にパラスポーツ専用の体育館が整備されることになりました。

東京五輪に向けパラ競技専用の体育館 5月に完成 東京 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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