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シャンシャン 屋外でも活発に活動 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


One month has passed since the opening of the "Shan Shan" of the giant panda born at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, and "Shan Shan" go out into the outdoor playground It is getting to see actively moving around.

One month will be celebrated on the 19th of this month since the opening of the "Shan Shan" of the giant panda born on June 12th at the Ueno Zoo.

According to the zoo, on the physical measurement that I went on the 15th, the weight is 14.9 kg, which is 0.3 kilometers higher than 10 days ago, and it is growing steadily.

From next month we change the viewing method from lottery to first-come-first-served basis in the zoo, and we will expand the open area of ​​the panda building to the outdoor playground.

From 13th this month, in the afternoon it is possible to enter the indoor and outdoor playground freely, "Shan Shan" goes out to the playground every day with his mother "Shinsin", climbs the tree etc. It is that it is actively moving around a wide range.

Also, in addition to confirming the appearance of licking water, it is often seen that she bite bamboo and apples that her mother is eating.

The zoo is gradually expanding the opening time which was until noon until late afternoon, and the number of viewers initially estimated to be 2,000 people per day is expected to increase to 9,500 people.

Mikako Kaneko, Mr. Mikako Kaneko of the Ueno Zoological Gardens Education and Promotion Division, said, "I want many people to see the appearance of" Shan Shan "growing steadily actively even outdoors."

シャンシャン 屋外でも活発に活動 | NHKニュース

シャンシャン 屋外でも活発に活動 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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