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ローソン 健康志向対応の期間限定店舗 東京 千代田区に開店 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


A major convenience store's "Lawson" says that its products to be sold are considered to be healthy in order to cope with the health consciousness of working people We opened an experimental store in Tokyo and Chiyoda-ku for a limited period of time, focusing on food and having a controlled nutritionist inside the store.

Lawson's experimental store opened in the office town in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, sells it to around 250 items of foods that considered health of workers, such as making salt and sugar less conservative .
In the store, menus are proposed according to the circumstances of the working people, for example, a set that combines bread and salad with little sugar in caffe latte to wake sleepy for those who attend the meeting, or a person who wants to exercise on the way back from work There are nine kinds of set menus supervised by doctors such as a combination of fried chicken with a lot of protein and curry which can take rich vegetables.

There is a managed dietician in the shop, and we also offer advice on how to select foods to customers.

This laboratory shop will be open from the 16th to the next 24th, and Lawson will consider deploying it nationwide in the future, based on the data of customers during this period.

President Tadashinobu Takeyoshi of Lawson said, "There are many types of healthy products from customers, there are voices that we do not know which one to eat, and we will sell it clearly by suggesting set menus I was talking.

ローソン 健康志向対応の期間限定店舗 東京 千代田区に開店 | NHKニュース

ローソン 健康志向対応の期間限定店舗 東京 千代田区に開店 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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