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米成長率の見通し 2%台後半まで上方修正へ IMF | NHKニュースを英語にすると


IMF = International Monetary Fund, following the Trump regime realizing the tax reform, the US GDP = It is a policy to modify the prospect of the growth rate of the gross domestic product greatly up to the latter 2% level, and we will announce it at the annual general meeting of the World Economic Forum next week in Switzerland, the so-called Davos conference.

According to the officials, the IMF said that the prospect for the growth rate of GDP in the coming year of the United States, plus 2.3% plus the prospect of three months ago, It is a policy to make a drastic upward revision.

This is because the Trump regime is expected to realize tax reform including tax cuts and corporate profits are expected to improve, and we are seeing it will boost economic growth in the short term .

Also, in the previous forecast, Japan plus 0.7% plus 1.8% plus Germany will upwardly raise it by 0.5 points, and the global economy will continue to grow firmly I will.

However, if employment in the US improves and signs of a rise in prices are seen as a risk of the future, the pace of monetary tightening by the central bank accelerates, asset prices such as strong stock prices It is likely to decline.

Furthermore, it is pointed out that trade policies such as renegotiation of North American free trade agreement such as trump regime will be hurting the trade, which is going with a tough stance to regain employment in the country I am doing it.

The IMF is going to announce such a report at the Davos Conference, which will be held in Switzerland next week, as leaders from the world's political and financial world meet together.

米成長率の見通し 2%台後半まで上方修正へ IMF | NHKニュース

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