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スキー ノルディック複合W杯 渡部暁斗が2位 50回目の表彰台にを英語にすると


Individual warfare of the Ski Nordic Combined World Cup will be held in France on 20th, Japan's aim for the gold medal at the Pyongchan Olympics next month, Akito Watabe Akemo went on to second place and went up to the 50th podium finish. Watanabe flew 118 meters at the first half jump and stood at the top of the line, reversed at the second half cross country and did not win but entered second place.

スキー ノルディック複合W杯 渡部暁斗が2位 50回目の表彰台に

スキー ノルディック複合W杯 渡部暁斗が2位 50回目の表彰台に の原文をチェック

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