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女子高生刺傷事件 男子中学生を逮捕 殺人未遂疑い 鹿児島を英語にすると


There was a case in 16 years old girls high school student walking in the park near the sidewalk was stabbed with a knife and caused serious injury, Police arrested a 15-year-old male junior high school student on suspicion of attempted murder night night. According to the police, the male junior high school student has been acting like purchasing a knife for 20 days and wearing another woman, so the police are investigating the motive.

女子高生刺傷事件 男子中学生を逮捕 殺人未遂疑い 鹿児島

女子高生刺傷事件 男子中学生を逮捕 殺人未遂疑い 鹿児島 の原文をチェック

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