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栃ノ心「大関になれるよう頑張る」 NHK福祉大相撲 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


"NHK Welfare Grand Sumo" that uses revenues for welfare projects was held and Tochino Koshi who won the Hiragaki in the first place " I will do my best to become Ozeki, "he told me enthusiasm.

This event is held annually by NHK and NHK Welfare and Culture Federation. Approximately 4,200 spectators came to Kokugikan in Tokyo and the two countries.

Tochinoshi who finished his first victory with a score of 14 wins and 1 loss at the beginning of the opening ceremony came up on stage set next to the ring, "I got injured on the foot at the Nagoya place five years ago I thought about quitting over and over again, but cheering became power, I was glad that we were doing sumo wrestling. "

In addition I said "I would like to go up one more and I will try my best to become Ozeki", and I received a big applause.

In addition, Yokozuna · Rare village gangs entered, and five colleagues including Ozeki · Takaya etc. showed songs with singers and excited the venue.

In this event, revenues are to be used for welfare projects, 6 cars were given to welfare facilities throughout the country, the key of the car was handed over from Yokozuna and Shiropen It was.

Monday 'NHK Welfare Grand Sumo' on October 10 will be broadcast on comprehensive TV from 4:30 pm on 18th this month.

栃ノ心「大関になれるよう頑張る」 NHK福祉大相撲 | NHKニュース

栃ノ心「大関になれるよう頑張る」 NHK福祉大相撲 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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