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アメリカの消費者物価 0.5%上昇 市場の予想上回るを英語にすると


Consumer prices in the US last month compared to the previous month, which was drawing attention as an indicator of the future interest rate decisions, is 0. It surpassed the market expectations expected to rise by 5% and 0.3%. In addition, consumer prices, excluding foods and energy with large price fluctuations, rose by 1.8% compared with the same month in the previous year, exceeding the market expectations expected to rise by 1.7% It was. This is a result showing that the gradual growth of prices continues in the United States, and attention will be paid to the trend of the New York stock market where the deal begins after this.

アメリカの消費者物価 0.5%上昇 市場の予想上回る

アメリカの消費者物価 0.5%上昇 市場の予想上回る の原文をチェック

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