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ヤマト運輸 長良川鉄道の車両で荷物運ぶ事業開始 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


As the shortage of labor in the transportation industry is getting worse, the biggest home delivery "Yamato Transport" and the third sector running in Gifu Prefecture "Nagara River Railway "started a business that carries courier baggage on a customer's vehicle.

The departure ceremony was held at the Seki station on the Nagara Railway Railway on the 21st, the first half of which was loaded with the first baggage on the same design as the Yamato Transport truck.

The baggage is carried one way on weekdays to Miramori Karian Station in Gujo City, which is more than 20 kilometers away, and the driver waiting at the station receives it and delivers it to the area.

For Yamato Transport this will lead to reductions in the number of hours worked by the driver, while the Nagara Railway will get the transportation fee from the courier.

Yamato Transport's Koji Suzuki branch manager of Gifu said, "I would like to lead to improving services along with measures to deal with lack of personnel, in addition to improving convenience, I would like to explore other railways as well," It was.

Keiji Sakamoto, managing director of the Nagara river railway, said that he would like to consider expanding sections and installing delivery boxes.

In the transportation industry, "Sagawa Express" also started the same project as "Hokuetsu Express" in Niigata Prefecture, with the collaboration with railroad companies and others starting to spread It is.

ヤマト運輸 長良川鉄道の車両で荷物運ぶ事業開始 | NHKニュース

ヤマト運輸 長良川鉄道の車両で荷物運ぶ事業開始 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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