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日本の野菜が人気 海外で種子ビジネスに本格参入へ 三井物産 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


While the popularity of Japanese agricultural products is growing abroad, "Major trading company" Mitsui & Co., Ltd. collaborates with two seed manufacturers , We decided to embark on a full-scale business to sell vegetable seeds that have been improved in Japan overseas.

Mitsui established a joint venture with two companies, "Nippon Agriculture Co., Ltd." and "Kurume race breeding association" of seed manufacturers, and in the autumn also, seeds of vegetable seeds We will start selling overseas.

The seeds of cabbage and cucumber developed by two seed manufacturers are not only strong against disease but also easy to germinate, which is popular among producers, but there is a shortage of human resources to handle exports, and overseas expansion is not enough It was.

Since seeds can be harvested from seeds basically only in one generation, it is possible to prevent growing seeds from spreading without permission, thereby increasing the demand for quality vegetables in China And plans to sell in India and elsewhere.

Japanese vegetables are becoming increasingly popular abroad, and in the future we would like to increase the types of seeds we deal with.

Mr. Toru Watanabe, manager of agribusiness division of Mitsui & Co., said, "Although Japanese seed manufacturers have technical capabilities, they did not have the ability to grasp overseas needs and marketing capabilities. I think that it will pass in the world. "

日本の野菜が人気 海外で種子ビジネスに本格参入へ 三井物産 | NHKニュース

日本の野菜が人気 海外で種子ビジネスに本格参入へ 三井物産 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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