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大相撲春場所11日目 横綱 鶴竜が11連勝 魁聖は不戦勝 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Grand Sumo wrestling shops were held on the 11th day at Osaka City's Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, where only one victory Yokozuna Tsuruuri shunned from the escape castle and decided to win 11 consecutive wins. Kaikei of Hiragana chasing after one loss will be ten wins and one loss in inevitable victory due to the scenic venue's holiday, one of the stars will not change.

It is a victory or defeat after a game.

Asahi Ohashi won in Amami, with Asahi Ohashi paying for it.

Mr. Asanoyama debits to Myogi dragon.

On the big shoulder round, Eikanai wins with Oshimaru pushing out.

Toyoyama to Kotakiri Akira is the winner in Toyama sending out.

Ishiura in Tochigi mountain, Ishiura won by extrusion.

In Chiyo 's country in Mt. Okuyama, Mr. Okayama wins with a hit.

Ao County comes to the sea of ​​Oki, Ao Kokuma throws a scoop.

Daisuke Sho in Nishiki won with Shiroi Sho hitting.

The momentum in Shine is the winner with the closing power.

Kaoru went to Dragon, Dragon Deng won with a small hand throw.
Kaoru is a loser.

Yoshihiro Chiyoshi, Shoumi Chiyoshi pushed out.

Kitamatsu Fuji to Matsuzenzu mountains, Kita Motobu Fuji extruded.

Kaori saw Takashi Takami in November 21, because Gui scenic spot was bruised on the right foot, Kaori became 10 wins and 1 loss in ineffect.

Tamagusi is debited to Kotori chrysanthemums by Jade Eagle. Kotoriku is a loser.

Endo Treasure Fuji is over by Endo.

Chikyo Dragon to Arashi, Arahashi withdrew.

Chiyomaru in the Ontake Sea, Chiyomaru won in closing.

In the ancient times, Osaka Australia Esudo was a winning winner when Australia Road won the sending out with 8 wins and 3 losses.

Tochi Nozomi's number one in Tochigo Takahashi was a sumo wrestling sumo wrestler, but when Takani pushed in from the standing together, it was said that Tochinoshi's legs came out, Takayasu extruded Won.

Yokozuna Tsuruhi won the escape castle with Tsuruhuru at the end.
Tsuruyu caught up on the side of Okunosaki coming out with power when bringing it to the ideal development of the right four upper left hands at standing together, pulling off the turnip. Tsuruyu himself made 11 straight victories for the first time from the first day.

The tenth day is over, the whole day is over, Yokozuna Tsuru-ryu is the only one, with one loss, Kaori of the flat curtain, Tadanobu Ozeki follows the two losses.

大相撲春場所11日目 横綱 鶴竜が11連勝 魁聖は不戦勝 | NHKニュース
大相撲春場所は、大阪市の大阪府立体育会館で11日目の取組が行われ、ただひとり全勝の横綱 鶴竜は逸ノ城を寄り切りで破り11連勝としました。1敗で追う平幕の魁聖は、貴景勝の休場による不戦勝で10勝1敗となり、星の差1つは変わりません。

大相撲春場所11日目 横綱 鶴竜が11連勝 魁聖は不戦勝 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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