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福島県産のコメ 仏へ初輸出で合意へ | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Governor Uchibori of Fukushima Prefecture visited Europe from 22nd to export rice from Fukushima Prefecture for the first time to France It is expected to agree with a trading company.

Governor Uchibori visited the UK and France on April 22 from the 22nd to conduct an event to publicize rice and beef produced in Fukushima Prefecture and processed products of fruits, etc. at the local scene, We will work on wiping out harmful rumors (futoshi) and expanding marketing routes after it.

According to officials in the prefecture, during this period it is expected to agree to export Fukushima prefecture rice "Heaven's Tsubu" to France with the local trading company.
It is my first time to export rice produced in Fukushima Prefecture to France.

We are also planning to agree an additional export to the UK that we exported 19 tons of rice produced in Fukushima Prefecture for the first time last year.

A representative in Fukushima Prefecture said, "PR in the UK and France, which is the center of information dissemination in Europe, can be expected to have a great effect.Initiatives to overcome nuclear accidents to dispel rumor damage I want to continue ".

福島県産のコメ 仏へ初輸出で合意へ | NHKニュース

福島県産のコメ 仏へ初輸出で合意へ | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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