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男子ゴルフ マスターズ 最終ラウンド 松山は19位 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Masters Tournament, the first leg of the men's golf overseas major tournament, on August 8, the final round at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA Me, Mr. Hatsuki Matsuyama has scored three, and finished 19th with 3 under under.

Matsuyama who ranked sixth in the world ranking, ranked 21st in the top ranking and 14 shots, won three birdies and one bogey and scored three, scored 19 at the total of 3 under .

Matsuyama said, "I felt that I worked hard, I was able to do such shots, approaches, putters all over in 4 days in a bad situation, it was nice and it ended without expectation."

Sopi Kodaira, who also started in the 21st place, was unable to increase the score with 4 birdies and 4 bogeys, and was 28th in total even par.

Kodaira said, "At the end I got a lot of missed rounds.I think that I did well if I saw only the results, but I got a bit more content because I could not get 60 cars I want to revenge, "he said.

American Patrick Reed from the leaders played the first major victory at 15 under under.
American Tiger Woods who played for the first time in three years turned around at 3 under and was 32nd in 1 over.

男子ゴルフ マスターズ 最終ラウンド 松山は19位 | NHKニュース

男子ゴルフ マスターズ 最終ラウンド 松山は19位 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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