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アメフト問題 スポーツ庁が日大から聞き取りへを英語にすると


On the issue that the athletes of the Nihon University American football club got injured by tackling Kwansei Gakuin University players from behind, the Sports Agency Director General Suzuki In the evening of the 23rd night Mr. Masato Uchida's interview and other interviews, "I have not found out the facts" and so on, I mentioned the sports agency as a sports agency after the evening on 24th, from the staff concerned of the Nihon Univ.

アメフト問題 スポーツ庁が日大から聞き取りへ

アメフト問題 スポーツ庁が日大から聞き取りへ の原文をチェック

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