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プロ野球 ロッテの大嶺翔太 金銭トラブルで退団申し入れ | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Professional baseball / Lotte 's ninth year' s infielder Uchino Shota, who can not withdraw from the players due to financial trouble The offer, the team also accepted this.

This was announced by Shinpei Hayashi headquarters headquarters after Lotte v. Seibu 's game held at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City on 23rd.

According to the team, Omori has fallen into a situation in which it is impossible to return the money borrowed from acquaintances and the like in private life, no further trouble can be hindered to the team and no player can be continued, It is that.

Although the team has also grasped that there are money problems from about two years ago and has asked for improvements as a society person, he received an offer from Ohmine and accepted the withdrawal It is that.

Oimine said, "To all the fans who supported us, Director Iguchi who repeatedly hoped for us, repeatedly, became a form of betraying the thoughts of everyone in the team that gave attention and guidance, very sorry I do not think that everything comes from not being aware of it as a professional baseball player. "

In addition, the head of the foreman team headquarters said, "I would like to strengthen the guidance so as not to cause such problems for other players as a team."

Oimine was one of the young people of expectation to play in Lotte with his older brother Yuta pitcher at the age of 26 in the ninth year of professional players, but this season's competition will be in 10 games I stayed there.

プロ野球 ロッテの大嶺翔太 金銭トラブルで退団申し入れ | NHKニュース

プロ野球 ロッテの大嶺翔太 金銭トラブルで退団申し入れ | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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