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IMF 日欧の成長率を下方修正 ”世界経済曲がり角の可能性” | NHKニュースを英語にすると


IMF = International Monetary Fund is the latest report on the world economy, economic growth of Japan and Europe The downward revision of the forecast of the rate pointed out that there is a possibility that the world economy will come to a corner. Moreover, it showed a cautious view that the trade friction between the United States and each country could become a brakes of the world economy.

The IMF announced the latest world economic outlook, analyzing that the growth rate of Japan's GDP = fresh Japan's GDP = 1% as consumption is weak, 3 We corrected down 0.2 points from the forecast forecast.

In addition, the euro zone has also lowered by 0.2 points to 2.2%, while the United States has kept it at 2.9%, looking at the effect of large tax cuts.

In addition, the IMF analyzed that the pace of growth has already peaked in Japan and Europe, pointed out that there is a possibility that the expanding world economy will come to a corner.

In addition, pointed out that escalating the trump regime of the United States and trade friction between countries will be the brakes of the world economy in the future, pointed out a more cautious viewpoint than before .

In addition, the IMF suddenly states that there is a possibility that the exchange rate fluctuates greatly due to impairment of the stability of financial markets, depending on the direction of trade friction.

The IMF seeks to combine finance, finance, exchange rate policies, and other emerging countries that are susceptible to market conditions to prepare for sudden fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

IMF 日欧の成長率を下方修正 ”世界経済曲がり角の可能性” | NHKニュース

IMF 日欧の成長率を下方修正 ”世界経済曲がり角の可能性” | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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