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隅田川花火大会 2020年 7月11日に前倒しへ | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Regarding the date of Tokyo's Summer Festival, "Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival" in 2020, the Executive Committee of the fireworks festival held the Tokyo Olympic Games It is supposed that congestion around the venue is expected if the opening times overlap, we decided to schedule the schedule more than usual and adjust in the direction to be held on July 11.

"Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival" is known as the biggest fireworks display in the whole country which has continued since the Edo period, and is held every year in the last Saturday of July.

So far, the executive committee of the fireworks display commemorates July 25, the day after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the last Saturday of July, on the date of 2020 when the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games will be held as candidate days We have considered as one of them.

However, the bilateral parliamentarians near the venue of the fireworks display are used as the venue for boxing, and the surrounding congestion is anticipated and it is difficult to guide the visitors, police and police who guard crowds We decided that it was difficult to hold a fireworks display during the Olympic Games, as it is difficult to fully arrange the security of local residents and others.

For this reason, we decided to advance the fireworks festival earlier than usual and adjust it in the direction to be held on July 11 two weeks ago.

The Executive Committee of the Sumidagawa Fireworks Competition says, "I would like to give the highest priority to holding fireworks display safely, I would like to highlight the fireworks festival as a symbol of Japanese art and overseas, and I want the Olympic Games to get excited" is.

隅田川花火大会 2020年 7月11日に前倒しへ | NHKニュース

隅田川花火大会 2020年 7月11日に前倒しへ | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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