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大相撲名古屋場所 関脇 御嶽海が初優勝 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Grand Sumo wrestling Nagoya Place is the 14th day on the 21st, when Sekiwakitai ocean won the Mt. Tochigi, won 13 wins and 1 loss, without waiting for Chiakiaku I fulfilled my first victory. The championship at 21 places from the first ring is the speed of the 3rd successive after the establishment of the 6 place system yearly in 1964.

Nagoya place finished the 13th day, Kanawakidan ocean stood alone on the top with one loss, and the two flat tops of Toyama and Asanoyama followed up with three losses.

Otaki won the tournament against Mt. Kiruyama on the 21st day on the 14th day, defeated 1 loss, defeated 13 wins and 1 loss and decided to win the first time without waiting for Chiaki.

Now place is an unusual situation where five out of six people who have won victory in Makuuchi, such as 3 Yokozuna and 1 Ozeki, have been closed, but Otaki seems to have a quick sumo wrestling quickly from a sharp entry We won 11 consecutive victories from the first day and pulled the place by overlapping the stars.

Sekiwaki wins the first time in about three years since Fuji from Turin in the summer place of Heisei 20.

Otaki is the first victory at only 21 places after stepping on the first ring in the 10th grade rating grading in the spring spring in the Heisei 20 Spring Plaza, after the year 6 place system has become established in 1964 Wajima, Kotoki is next to Dejima and is the speed of the third place in history.

大相撲名古屋場所 関脇 御嶽海が初優勝 | NHKニュース
大相撲名古屋場所は14日目の21日、関脇 御嶽海が栃煌山に勝って13勝1敗として、千秋楽を待たずに初めての優勝を果たしました。初土俵から21場所での優勝は、昭和33年に年6場所制が定着して以降では歴代3位のスピードです。

大相撲名古屋場所 関脇 御嶽海が初優勝 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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