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大塚家具 20億円余の赤字 複数企業と提携協議 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


The interim settlement of furniture sales major Otsuka furniture, whose performance has deteriorated, has a final profit or loss of 2 billion It became a red deficit surplus. One year's performance is also expected to be the final deficit for the third consecutive year, Otsuka Furniture is planning to rush to consider capital enhancement etc. to strengthen the financial structure.

According to the announcement, the interim settlement of January to June of Otsuka's furniture resulted in a loss of 2,037 million yen in the final profit and loss.

In addition, the results for the year are expected to be the last deficit of around 3.4 billion yen as we corrected downward last week, and it is expected to be in the red for the third consecutive year.

In response to this, Otsuka Furniture said, "In order to develop a stable earnings foundation, we will consider capital enhancement and business tie-up in a multidisciplinary way," and consider investigating capital increase and other measures to strengthen our financial structure It is a hasty policy.

According to stakeholders, Otsuka Furniture is talking about tie-ups with several companies in Japan and overseas.

Regarding Otsuka's furniture, it is questioned how to start concrete measures for rebuilding management, as customers continue to be separated from the influence of founder parents' conflicts over management rights violently and conflicts I will.

大塚家具 20億円余の赤字 複数企業と提携協議 | NHKニュース

大塚家具 20億円余の赤字 複数企業と提携協議 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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