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済美 エース 今夏8試合目の完投で勝利 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Ehime's Jimi High School gave the Shikoku confrontation with Kochi Commercial with Kochi Commercial at the end of the eighth game this summer, I decided to advance to the top eight.

On the 12th day of the tournament, Komi fought against Kochi commercial of banging raising two lots of consecutive games in the third round of the third game.

Kimi, the starting ace, Naoya Yamaguchi pitcher, including Ehime Games 5 games, has been thoroughly thrown all seven games so far and I was worried about fatigue.

Nevertheless Yamaguchi pitcher had confidence.

I made a dash of 20 meters for the summer on a large number of days, and since I practiced stamina every weekend, I practiced two matches for the practice game.

Further extended 13 times, the day after the second round where I threw 184 balls, I returned to Awajishima in Hyogo Prefecture of the local prefecture and entered the oxygen capsule, etc. I served for recovery from fatigue and I went into the third round.

Although it allowed a two base hit from the 1st rise on the 16 th, the first time he missed the following batter with Mr. Uchino and struck out and got on the flow.

Yamaguchi pitched the Kochi commerce of banging up to the end with one ball with a ball of 140 kilograms fastball and sharp ball, "I did not get tired of the previous game."

Nine straight times measured the 140 kilometer range, and the ball power did not fall to the end.

Showing the results of tough stamina strengthening and body care every day, this summer, I won the eighth complete victory.

Yamaguchi's pitcher's pitcher is Yasushi Tomodai pitcher who guided Jomi to Spring's Senbatsu second place five years ago.

I have a stamina and I feel admiration where the ball speed does not fall to the end.

Yamaguchi pitcher said "I think that will be a close battle, but I want to make a game thoroughly and make a game, next time I want to complete the seal."

済美 エース 今夏8試合目の完投で勝利 | NHKニュース

済美 エース 今夏8試合目の完投で勝利 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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