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大相撲秋場所12日目 白鵬は全勝 稀勢の里は9勝目を英語にすると


The Grand Sumo Tournament was held on the 12th day at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and the two countries, and Yokozuna and Shiropen are Ozeki and Tochino I win the rake in my heart and I am the only one to win. Yokozuna and Ridori no Sato aiming for revival raised ninth victory by winning in the Sekiwaki and Otaki seas.

大相撲秋場所12日目 白鵬は全勝 稀勢の里は9勝目

大相撲秋場所12日目 白鵬は全勝 稀勢の里は9勝目 の原文をチェック

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