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大相撲秋場所 14日目見どころ 白鵬 優勝と幕内1000勝なるかを英語にすると


The Grand Sumo Fall is the 14th day. If Yokozuna and Shiropen who stands at the top of the victory in the all-out victory are the first to win with Big Wing Road on the 22nd, they won the first place in 5 places without waiting for the Chiakaku, the 41st winning victory was decided, and 1,000 victories in the Makuuchi unexpected I will accomplish it.

大相撲秋場所 14日目見どころ 白鵬 優勝と幕内1000勝なるか

大相撲秋場所 14日目見どころ 白鵬 優勝と幕内1000勝なるか の原文をチェック

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