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スポーツ競技団体 収益大幅増 “大会後へ備えを”との指摘もを英語にすると


The revenues of sports competition groups responsible for strengthening the national players, etc. have increased substantially since the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games were held I understood it from research by the research institution. Meanwhile, since the country's subsidies for strengthening to the Tokyo Games, etc. account for most of the revenues, research institutions point out that a business plan is needed with a view to reducing profits after the event .

スポーツ競技団体 収益大幅増 “大会後へ備えを”との指摘も

スポーツ競技団体 収益大幅増 “大会後へ備えを”との指摘も の原文をチェック

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