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保育園マッチングにAI導入で1週間短縮 東京 港区 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Tokyo / Minato-ku selects and assigns homes that wish to enter the nursery school by AI = artificial intelligence We will use it, and we aim to make use of it from next fiscal year.

Minato-ku is conducting matching work to score points of consideration for working hours etc and allocating it to the desired garden for families who wish to enter the nursery school.

In April, there were approximately 2,800 people who wish to enter the park, and in the work of matching, it took about one week for the staff of the district to judge each household, and it was approx. One month later, parents raised a voice saying "I want you to announce it earlier".

In response to this situation, Minato-ku aimed to shorten the time by using AI = artificial intelligence for matching work.

Ward, as a result of the demonstration experiment using the data of this fiscal year, the work for one week finished in about 4 minutes, compared with the result that the staff actually distributed, 97.5% It means that they agreed.

The final check after matching is to be done by the staff, but if we can reduce the time required for the selection process by about one week by introducing the AI, from the entrance of the next fiscal year We are aiming to make use of it.

Minato ku Child Care Section said, "Depending on the result of the fall, parents' judgment, such as whether to extend parental leave depends on the judgment of the guardian, so we can use this technique to help parents as much as possible I was talking.

保育園マッチングにAI導入で1週間短縮 東京 港区 | NHKニュース

保育園マッチングにAI導入で1週間短縮 東京 港区 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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