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金足農 吉田「甲子園などで勝てたこと 自信になり決断」を英語にすると


At the start of the press conference Yoshida of the Kimonos Agricultural High School said, "I submitted a prospective trial in the morning. After the national body was over, I went to Akita I decided after discussing with the principal teacher and parents of the school from the school and decided to have confidence by winning the team through the Koshien, the national body to demonstrate their power at the national competition, decided, " We declared our determination to aim.

金足農 吉田「甲子園などで勝てたこと 自信になり決断」

金足農 吉田「甲子園などで勝てたこと 自信になり決断」 の原文をチェック

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