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プロ野球 広島 2年ぶり日本シリーズ進出 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Hiroshima who won the league won the 3 rd giant 5: 1 in the third round of the professional baseball, climax series final stage of the Se · League It was. Hiroshima of 3 consecutive victories has won 4 wins and 0 losses with the win of the advantage given to the winning team and has advanced to the Japanese series for the first time in two years.

Hiroshima gained 2 consecutive victories to the giants and won 3 wins and 0 losses with one win of the advantage, waging the Japanese series for the final stage, and at the Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima City on the evening of 19th Three races were held.

Hiroshima made 2 points ahead of the 2nd, 6th Nogama Shigeaki's two base hit and 3 points added 1 in the second run of the 3rd round Yoshihiro's series .

Hiroshima took two points with the opponent's error even five times, expanded the lead to five points, and advanced the game to the dominant position.

The early Kurei Soulan pitcher returned six times, timely one of the giant's 3rd maggi player returned one point at this time, but after that the relief team connected with no loss , Hiroshima won 5 to 1.

Hiroshima of the final stage three consecutive wins has won 4 wins and 0 losses with one win of the advantage and has advanced into the Japanese series for the first time in two years.

Under the direction of Yoshinobu Takahashi who resigns as the season this season, the Giants did not enter the Japanese series from the third place in the league.

プロ野球 広島 2年ぶり日本シリーズ進出 | NHKニュース

プロ野球 広島 2年ぶり日本シリーズ進出 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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