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柔道 大学日本一 男子は日体大 女子は龍谷大 ともに初優勝を英語にすると


All Japanese students who decide the university of judo in Japan by battle by weight Each group grand prize competition was held in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture , Men 's in Nihon Univ., Girls in Ryukoku University won the first victory.

The tournament is held in group fighting where seven players compete against each other in class, the men's final is the match between Tsukuba and Japanesu who went to the finals for the first time in the final have become.

Nippon University won the first prize at the world championships last month at the world championship Abe Kazuzo, and in the final it was a 2: 1 lead by the fifth. And Kaoto Matsui won the dominant victory of the sixth player, and he won the first victory by winning 3 to 1.

Nippon College won the silver medal winning silver medal in last month's World Championships while losing injuries by Takashiro Fujiwara, coach Katsuyoshi Tanabe said "Fujiwara is injured and the team gathers I was pleased that the strong feelings of everyone lead to the victory and I am really happy. "

Meanwhile, the fight between the Ryukoku University and Tokai University that aim for the first victory for the girls, and Ryukoku University won the first victory with a 2: 0 victory.

柔道 大学日本一 男子は日体大 女子は龍谷大 ともに初優勝

柔道 大学日本一 男子は日体大 女子は龍谷大 ともに初優勝 の原文をチェック

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