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プロ野球 西武 菊池雄星投手の大リーグ移籍を容認 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Kikuchi Yuushi pitcher who is hoping to transfer the major league using professional baseball / Seibu, this season's official posting system will be accepted by professional baseball Seibu Kikuchi Yososuke pitcher. About the team president, on the 21st, "I am dreaming of his dream, so I'd like to cheer as a team," he told me the idea of ​​accepting a transfer.

On September 21, Seibu 's President of the Zhao Jinbao clarified after the game of the fifth round of the climax series final stage that was the final game of the season.

Kikuchi pitcher had long been aiming for transferring to the major league, but since he did not acquire the rights of free agents including overseas, he wanted a transfer using the posting system.

When using the posting system to aim for a major league transfer, it can not be used without the consent of the team, but about this, Seibu's president of the Igimoto team, "as his team is dreaming I'd like to cheerfully support them, "he showed his idea of ​​accepting a major league transfer this season off.

Kikuchi said after the game on 21st, "I just finished the season and I can not think of the next season yet," but the team and the Kikuchi pitchers will discuss the posting application is.

Kikuchi is 27 years old. I went to Seibu with Iwate Hanamaki Eastern High School from the first draft and won the first crown of the season with the highest number of wins and the highest defense rate of last season, 14 wins and 4 losses this season, with a score of 3.08 As ace, he contributed to the team's first league championship in 10 years.

プロ野球 西武 菊池雄星投手の大リーグ移籍を容認 | NHKニュース

プロ野球 西武 菊池雄星投手の大リーグ移籍を容認 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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