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東海地方有数の紅葉の名所 香嵐渓で見頃 愛知 豊田 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


At Konomikei in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, one of the most popular autumn leaves in the Tokai region, People are visiting.

Kaori River in Toyota's mountain area, Ashizugi is a sightseeing spot for autumn leaves that 400,000 people visit during this period.

Approximately 4000 maples along the river are colored as early as 5 days from the usual time, now it is in the best time to see.

In autumn the autumn leaves are lighted up, and it is wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere different from daytime. Also, at Kawahara, an event that arranges fire with a candle placed in a glass vessel and arranging wishes is also done.

People who visited looked at the lighted-up autumn leaves carefully or put them in a photograph.

This light up has been held this month.

東海地方有数の紅葉の名所 香嵐渓で見頃 愛知 豊田 | NHKニュース

東海地方有数の紅葉の名所 香嵐渓で見頃 愛知 豊田 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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